Searching Guide

Search Guide

You can search using the following ways

  • The name of the comic
  • Name of the artist. Use the name of the artist not the store for example TheDude3DX not AFFECT3D. 
  • Publisher names like milftoons and jabcomix will also work.
  • Name of the series its based on examples The Simpsons. 
  • Name of the anime. Use the most famous one. Try both english and japanese ones if you don’t the results in one.
  • Tags. You can combine tags! Example milf cheating will give comics with both those tags present. Use various combinations to find the one you like!
  • Character names. Try various version if one doesn’t give results. Example try peter parker if spider-man doesn’t work!
  • You can combine the various ways here too! Like searching for the simpsons cheating will show comics with cheating simpsons! Use Jabcomix cheating milf to see cheating mothers drawn by Jabcomix! 

Be ACCURATE. Spelling Errors WILL RETURN NO RESULTS. Example searching jbcmx instead of jabcomix will not return any results!